About Us

At the Willow Tree Market we speak through music, it is our only language medium.

Music is our morning coffee, our hearty lunch, family dinner, and that naughty midnight cheat meal. Thickening the air we breathe and transcending all barriers.

Enjoy a day with us and our friendly vendors to the sound of local up-and-coming artists. You may one day be able to share a story of how you met them before they made it big.

Who we are

Willow Tree Market is a high end market which encourages entrepreneurship by providing a trading platform for locally produced products, showcasing local fashion, confectioners, gourmet food stalls and baked goods. While also creating a family orientated country atmosphere for unwinding and rebooting for the week ahead.

We have a Youth Entrepreneurship Program in which we encourage children from Grades 1 – 12 who have shown exceptional business acumen to showcase their products and skills. Our children learn through watching us, let us educate the next generation on job creation and self sufficiency.

Our Philosophy

We aim to imprint the spirit of buying local unto all those who come into contact with the market and our vendors.